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3/06/2017 7:51 pm  #1

Magic event info at FCG Con

Magic The Gathering – Sealed Event Decks and Dice Games will be hosting a sealed deck tournament at this year’s first annual FCG Con. Event entry fee will be $30 (this does not include FCG Con registration). Players will receive 6 booster packs for use in building a minimum 40 card deck (basic lands will be provided for deck building for the duration of the event). Once deck construction is complete, players will play in a Swiss style tournament until a victor is determined (with a maximum of 6 – 50 minute rounds). The event will start at 12 noon, with on-site registration beginning at 11am. Pre-Registration: Pre-registration will be taken for this event through Monday, May 1st, 2017 (payment due at time of registration). Players who pre-register will be eligible for special door prizes provided by Decks and Dice games at the event. Anyone who wishes to pre-register is asked to provide his or her DCI number in the applicable field of the pre-registration payment in PayPal. Prize Support: The top 8 players at the event will receive special prizing, including cash prizes and store credit, depending on finishing position.

The prize support for top 8 will be as follows:
1st Place: $100 Cash Prize
2nd Place: $50 Cash Prize and $50 store credit at Decks and Dice Games
3rd – 4th Place: $75 store credit at Decks and Dice Games
(Additional prizing based on attendance will include the following: 16+ players)
5th – 8th Place: $40 store credit at Decks & Dice Games

Side Events –

All Formats Decks and Dice Games will also be hosting side events of all formats at an “On demand” basis. Side event options on the day of the con will include “Win-a-box” Aether Revolt drafts, 8-Man Standard Format events, 8-Man Modern and Legacy Format events, and Commander events. Sign-ups for side events will begin at 2pm, and will fire continuously until final sign-ups are called at 6:00pm. Prizing for these events will be based on participation.

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